The on-line classroom. We are studying the Naihanchi (Naifanchi) Katas. We are analyzing  each of the movements. As you have seen on the featured kata page, we have shown 4 versions of the Kata that we are working with.  For some of you this process will be too slow, and you are welcome to leave and hit Micky D’s for some fast food. NOTE: Koryu (Old Style) Kata were complete fighting systems. Ryukyu Te Training in the Naihanchi is taught as a complete martial art system. Certain weapons will be used to compliment the techniques.

Rules of the Classroom:

  1. I will post several movements of the Kata for each lesson. You will email me a short video clip of what you think the technique is. I will respond to your email with a my critique of your technique. I will then show you my analysis of the technique and I will show you the techniques and variations that I was taught. With this will come the ” keys” to unlock the techniques of other katas
  2. What I show you is to be treated as confidential. Being that I do not want you to post these techniques on the web or YouTube for everyone to see. You may however teach these techniques to others but only face to face.
  3. When you send your email, please your include your martial art history, and contact information
  4. The cost is only your time and dedication. I am giving you my time for free. This is true Budo. There is a time limit to complete the course. There are 12 lessons for the Naihanchi Kata. Each lesson will take 1-2 months to complete. If you fail to complete a lesson on time, your space will be awarded to someone else.  A training partner or Uke is required.
  5. Please note: Only 10 students are in training at one time. There is space for 3 more students at this time. If you are interested, please send an email NOW and you can email your required technique video for the first lesson later.
  6. Custom Ryukyu-Te Training Certificates will be awarded to those students that participate and pass the final exam in the Naihanchi Kata. These certificates are a work of art – they are hand brushed in Japanese on rice paper; size: 11X14 


Lesson One: 

The following GIF button will show the first several movements. There are several techniques within this movement. These are a very important movements and the techniques are associated with self defense techniques that Oyata learned while studying with Uehara Sensei. There are several combinations and variations of applications.

Email your video to: hayek@ryukyute.org