Rank and Title

Ryukyu Karate and Ryukyu-Te is a research organization and dojo.

We do not award rank or black belts.

Shihan: We recognize the skill of our instructors as Shihans. Shihan is Japanese term for teacher. Our Shihans teach the Kata and Te techniques from our research and as taught to us from our training background. Shuseki Shihan means chief instructor. To be awarded Shihan in Ryukyu-te; you have to have one Ryukyu-Te Training Certificates.

Kaiden Shihan  is Japanese term meaning “license of total transmission.  Kaiden  means “initiation into an art or discipline.” It is a license that is used by a school, meaning that the student has learned everything and passed all aspects of his/her training within the system. Once you have received 3 Kata training certificates, you will be awarded a Menkyo Kaiden Shihan Certificate.  In the menkyo system of licenses, the menkyo kaiden is the highest level of license that exists under the menkyo system. Advancement of license is not determined by years spent learning, but how well one masters the discipline. However, the transition from menkyo to kaiden require usually at least thirty years’ experience. A holder of menkyo kaiden is often, but not always, the successor to the school. A holder of Ryukyu-Te Menkyo Kaiden Shihan is an honored graduate of our program; and is able to teach the techniques as learned and to develop additional insight into the katas free from the confines of any origination.

Custom Ryukyu-Te Shihan Training Certificates:  To those that train with us, we award a certificate of training in a specific kata when students have completed the requirements and have passed a test of their skills in the kata. The certificate allows the holder to teach the techniques of that kata to others.


Menkyo (免許) is a Japanese term meaning “license.” It refers to the license to teach used by practitioners of various Japanese classical martial arts and ways in order to maintain traditions within the school. The menkyo system dates back to the 8th century

NOTE: Certificates that are awarded by the Ryukyu-Te research group are specifically for the benefit of our students and instructors. We research the katas that we teach thoroughly and consider each approved kata as an independent martial art. The curriculum and information that is taught for each kata is unique to our organization. Certain techniques are hidden techniques of the kata and are treated as secret techniques of Ryukyu-Te. To fully understand the basics of one kata can take years, to fully incorporate the techniques of one kata into your fighting ability takes a lifetime. We truely wish that the readers will take one kata and make their own. For a Ryukyu-te Shihan to become Menkyo Kaiden Shihan is a rare achievement and a lifetime of dedication to Bushido.