Ryukyu Karate is Ryukyu-Te

Ryukyu Karate琉球空手 is Ryukyu-Te 琉球手

In general, Ryukyu Karate is characterized by it’s practicality and it is immediately applicable to real-life self defense situations.

Common skills include:

  • Tehodoki―wrist/arm escapes
  • Taihodoki―body escapes
  • Shimehodoki ―choke escapes
  • Atemi ―body strikes (to vital areas)
  • Torite ―reversals and restraints
  • Hanbo-Jutsu –stick self-defense

Ryukyu Karate training must be practical and comprehensive to be effective. In addition to effective defense techniques, Ryukyu Karate instructs on the physiology of attack-and-defense, the psychology of perpetrators of assault and, most importantly, proven strategies for avoiding assaults. These elements combine to create a very comprehensive system of practical self-defense, one that truly qualifies as real-life self-defense art.

Ryukyu Karate is Ryukyu-Te – It is important to note that Ryukyu-Te (TE) is an integral part of Ryukyu Karate. The development of TE is dependent upon each individual. It is easy to teach anyone a self-defense technique. It is also easy to teach a monkey a trick. It is similar to monkey see monkey do. Teaching a self defense technique can be also monkey see monkey do. To apply the proper TE or technique requires intellectual development of the technique and precise timing.

There are many variations of applications and there are many variations of attacks.  By studying the core techniques of the Ryukyu-Te, one gets to understand a new language. Every technique of Ryukyu-Te are like letters in the alphabet. As one learn learns new techniques, the techniques will flow and blend together. This is similar to letters forming words. Soon the TE of the techniques flow in many directions where the techniques that are applied can be used to control, damage or cause death.

TE techniques are very fast and can cause extreme destruction or death. TE is not a sport. TE techniques are designed to dispose of an attacker in the most efficient manor. There are no counter techniques to a properly set TE technique.