Iwaoka Sensei and Hayek Sensei combined have 80+ years of martial art experience and training. They have studied with some of the leading martial art instructors in the world (many of which have passed away). It is from their combined knowledge and understanding of the traditional martial arts that has led to the formation of the Ryukyu Karate (Ryukyu-te) and Aikite,  as a means to educate, research, and share their knowledge of the martial arts and of the Aiki principles that apply to self defense, health, and daily life. As the founding instructors, they understand the need to preserve the essence of true martial arts. It is the way of the Samurai. Martial Art training is not easy, it was meant for battle and in peacetime for perfecting the spirit. It is as useful today as it was back in the 1600’s.

Sr. Instructor – Henry Iwaoka –  Shuseki Shihan

Henry Iwaoka (Sensei) has studied various styles of traditional Chinese, Okinawan and Japanese martial arts. He has advanced Black Belts in Shorin-ryu Karate, Eishin-ryu Iaido and Hakkoryu Jujutsu. He has teaching licenses in Karate and Jujutsu.

Sr. Instructor – Dean Kent Hayek –  Shuseki Shihan

Kent Hayek (Sensei) has studied the techniques of Okinawa-te and Ryukyu-Te from Japanese Okinawan Instructors. Sensei Hayek is black belt member of Kokusai Budoin IMFA Tokyo, Japan.  Hayek Sensei has received teaching licenses From Sato Sensei in Jujutsu and from Oyata Sensei in Ryukyu Kempo Karate and Kuda Sensei in Matsumura Kenpo. Hayek Sensei’s karate school is in Phoenix AZ

Instructor – Jeremy Hayek,  Shihan

Jeremy Hayek (Sensei) has been studying Karate and Jujutsu since he was 5 years old. He started competing in Karate Competitions at the College level when he was 16 years old.