Video: Kusanku Kata – Oyata

Oyata Sensei learned this version of the Kusanku Kata from Kentsū Yabu (屋部 憲通) Taika Seiyu Oyata (1928-2012) began his martial arts training at the age of fifteen when he entered the Japanese Navy during World War II. After his tour of duty he was fortunate to train with two of the greatest martial arts masters who ever lived, Uhugushuku No-Tan-Mei a descendant of a Bushi family and a Chinese friend of Uhugushuku’s named Wakinaguri. From these great men Taika Oyata learned the use of joint locks (TUITE JITSU) and vital point strikes (KYUSHO JITSU) and Kobudo ( OLD MARTIAL WAY ) weaponry.

Kentsu Yabu: As a former soldier, Yabu has been credited with helping make Okinawan karate training more militaristic. That is, students were expected to line up in rows, and respond by the numbers. If so, this was probably part of the general militarization of Japanese athletics common during the early 20th century. However, there is no doubt that his methods involved much rote repetition. His favorite kata reportedly included Gojūshiho and Naihanchi. Yabu karate teachers included: Matsumura Sōkon and Itosu Anko.