Video: Niseishi Kata

Tsuguo Sakumoto ( Onna , 13 December 1947 ) is a Japanese karateka .

He has been world champion of the WUKO and is still director of the technical commission of the WKF (World Karate Federation). He studied directly from the 4th Soke of Ryūei-ryū , Kenko Nakaima . In an interview, Sakumoto says he started practicing karate when he was attending university; the workouts were tiring and he often thought about leaving. The first kata was taught to him after five years of practice, Niseishi. He is still president of the World Association for Preservation of Ryuei Ryu (Ryūei-ryū Karate Kobudō Ryūhō-Kai). Today 9th Dan black belt, currently lives in Okinawa. In August 2008 he was promoter of the Sakumoto Karate Fest, Ryuei Ryu’s international seminar in memory of the American attack on Okinawa, on Manza beach.