Ryukyu Karate is a research group that studies the self-defense techniques of classical Okinawan Karate Kata. Through the study of Kata and traditional training methods, Ryukyu Karate provides a platform for instructors and students throughout the world.  The techniques are practical and immediately applicable to real-life situations. The research society and Kata training program are open to instructors as a resource. This is  true combat Karate.  Traditional Ryukyu Karate is not sport karate. Ryukyu Karate is a very effective self defense martial art. The techniques of Ryukyu Karate cause serious injury or even death.

Okinawan Karate Kata is a series of individual techniques performed in a set sequence that incorporates strikes, kicks, footwork and grappling techniques for self-defense.Not all schools of karate see the importance of Kata technical training. Most schools spend countless hours on perfecting the performance of each kata. Hidden in the kata are self-defense techniques called Torite. Torite is introduced at various levels of training. Advanced Torite techniques are a part of every kata.

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